Pick Patty

By Lori Nachtigal Rothschild

Picky Patty

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my children’s picture book “Picky Patty Learns Not To Be So Picky”. I had originally written this story, back in 2014, in order to help my own daughter with her eating struggles. I never imagined that I would actually publish.

As I continued to work as a Speech and Feeding Therapist the lines from this story began to resonate. I was often recommending many of the same strategies. The families I worked with had similar struggles, getting their little ones to try new foods, especially proteins.

Eventually the appendix and family friendly strategies evolved, as I realized this book to be a self help feeding book for both young children and their parents.

Above is a glimpse of the cover and to the right the first page. I chose pizza as the food patty persists on, since many selective eaters frequently get stuck in a carb rut(for my own, her carb fixation was always pancakes).

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